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iDream Media is the perfect choice for discovering new artists and staying up-to-date on the latest educational podcasts for independent artists, small businesses, and not-for-profits. Our team of educators work hard to provide the best education and support, so you'll never be bored with our services. We offer a variety of entertaining music, events, and other content that will keep you engaged and inspired. And if you're ready to launch your own podcast, iDream Media has the support system to make it happen. Transform your dreams into reality with iDream Media today!

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Welcome to iDream Media! We are your go-to destination for entertaining and informative podcast. Our lineup is full of great shows that will keep you engaged and entertained whether you're commuting to work or unwinding at home. Browse our selection now and find the perfect show to fit your listening needs!


Let iDream provide assistance as you bring it to the world!

Je Vaughn Show

Je Vaughn Show is a must-listen for any fan of music or talk shows! Every week, you'll get to hear from your favorite industry personalities and be treated to some amazing, original content.


Je Vaughn Show has become a staple in the community and listeners can't get enough of it! If you're looking for a great show to tune in to each week, you won't want to miss Je Vaughn Show.

JeVaughn from Je Vaughn Show

Relationship HotSpot

We at The Relationship HotSpot are excited to welcome you to our show! Hosted by Je Vaughn and Nikisa, our show is dedicated to providing a unique perspective on dating and relationships from two people who have been there. We invite you to join in the conversation by emailing us at, calling/texting us at 903-636-3893, or connecting with us on Facebook and Instagram @relationshiphotspot.


Come join us for a fun and informative discussion about love and relationships!

Relationship HotSpot Logo
BBB Nikisa.jpeg

Bold Bossy Blessed

Hi there, I'm Nikisa Green and I'm so excited to be hosting this discussion about parenting, dating, and relationships. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from each other and share our thoughts in a safe and welcoming environment. We'll be exploring a variety of topics, so please come prepared to engage in meaningful conversations that go beyond the surface level. I look forward to hearing from you, and I'm sure you'll leave this discussion with new ideas, perspectives, and inspirations. Let's get the conversation started!

Live With Lash Logo.jpeg

Live With Lash

Lash is launching her brand new podcast! We’re excited to hear the inspiring conversations she'll have with her guests and to get to know the person behind the influence. Follow Lash’s journey by tuning into her podcast and join in the conversation as she goes beyond social media. Don’t forget to follow Lash on her other channels to stay updated on her amazing accomplishments and curated content.


ELEV8 Live

ELEV8 Magazine recently started a podcast called "ELEV8 LIVE," which features inspiring conversations with some of the most innovative minds in the world. Each episode dives into the stories and experiences of guests who have pushed boundaries, challenged the status quo, and made a positive impact on the world. From entrepreneurs to philanthropists, and everyone in between, the podcast is intended to provide listeners with the insights, motivation and tools they need to live a life of purpose.

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